Muttertag nach Art der Hamas

HonestReporting Media BackSpin, 7. Mai 2009

Es ist auf makabre Weise passend, dass  National Geographic dieses Feature über Mariam Farhat rechtzeitig zum Muttertag veröffentlicht. Farhat (alias Umm Nidal) verabschiedete drei ihrer Söhne, die in Selbstmordanschlägen gegen Israel sterben sollten; die Palästinenser wiederum wählten Farhat in ihr Parlament.

In Gaza Kritik an Farhat zu üben gleicht einem Angriff auf teuerste innere Werte. Am meisten verstört in diesem Video jedoch, dass diese Frau nicht aufhört, ihre Kinder dem Moloch Märtyrertum zu opfern.


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6 Kommentare - “Muttertag nach Art der Hamas”

  1. Lilo Says:

    Es ist traurig, aber wahr.
    Unverstaendlich, unbegreiflich, wie eine Mutter sowas tun kann. – Lilo

  2. Ingeborg Metag Says:

    As the first shock purely!
    For what does this woman bear sons if you she distinguishes then still immature for the world, again voluntarily?

    If the still question positions itself what expects the parliament to itself from a murderer or even criminals of the highest degree.

    Millions mothers would certainly interest what might have moved you probably in addition so terribly to be abnormal. And latest (not older than 8years) already does not wait for it of his beloved mother in the pointless death to be sent.

    To all mothers of this world they have read this contribution, I wish you a nice mother’s day on the 11th May, and above all with her sons. Thanks also and luckily are not all Muslim mothers
    so funnily on it.

    In Europe such mothers are protected even by the Ornungshütern or the justice as well as compassion are felt, I remember some weeks ago, months with the murder trial of an Afghan family where the big brother murdered the sister because this rather after the western world wanted to live. In the courthouse and on the street the mother because her son raved to an imprisonment was condemned.

    An explanation why I did this entry, is because also I am a mother, wütent about those verhältnisse, and, nevertheless, nothing can change the states nothing because want to act.

    Nice mother’s day, also for the still coming years.

  3. Ingeborg Metag Says:

    Thank you Bernd 🙂

  4. Ingeborg Metag Says:

    A friendly Tip and supplement.

    My remarks, are my own and not from Toronto or from other People.

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